Hunting Colorado deer with Blue Skies Hunting Adventures.

Eastern Colorado Deer Hunts


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It’s no secret that Eastern Colorado is well known for their ability to grow giant deer. The combination of large tracts of private land, limited tag availability, and unlimited food sources make the eastern plains an ideal environment for both Mule deer and Whitetail to grow mature and sport very giant racks.

We at Blue Skies Hunting Adventures offer what we feel is the best deer outfitter in the United States and they have been producing for over 17 years. We have over 200,000 acres in 10 different game units and our lands are strictly managed for age and trophy quality and some of our Management hunts would qualify as trophy hunts in other areas

Colorado has 2 types of deer tags, first being either Mule deer or Whitetail and for rifle hunts it usually takes 3-4 preference points to draw. The other tag is a Whitetail only tag and can generally be taken with no preference points.

For our Mule deer hunts our deer will average in the 170 to 200 inches. Our Whitetail hunts will average in the 160 to 180 inches. We also offer Management hunts where we hunt inferior deer. This includes 3x3’s or 3x4’s for Mulies, the score will be around 160-170 inches and Whitetails that are 8 or 9 pointers where they will score in the 150 inch range. We have also taken a lot of 8 pointers in the 160 inch range.

2015 Colorado Hunt Prices

Archery Hunts

October 1st - December 31st

2 on 1 hunts, 6 full days of hunting - $4000

1 on 1 hunts, 6 full days of hunting - $6000

Muzzleloader Hunting

October 13th - 21st

2 on 1 hunts, 6 full days of hunting - $5000

1 on 1 hunts, 6 full days of hunting - $6500

Rifle Hunting

October 27th - 31st

Novemeber 2nd - 6th

December 1st - 6th or 8th - 13th

2 on 1 hunts, 5 full days of hunting - $5500

1 on 1 hunts, 5 full days of hunting - $7500

Colorado Management Hunt Prices

2 on 1 hunts, 5 full days of hunting - $3500

All hunts require 50% deposit to reserve spot. Deposits are non refundable, balance due on arrival. We accept money order, certified checks or if you prefer credit card we will require a 3% service charge. All prices quoted in US Dollars and subject to change.

For more information regarding these or any of our hunts, please feel free to contact us at