Trophy Whitetail Deer hunts in Kansas with Blue Skies Hunting Adventures.

Kansas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

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Our farms in Kansas, located in Elk County and Chautauqua County vary in terrains with fertile farm land to heavy timbered draws, to open pastures and tree choked fence lines. Creek bottoms lined with White Oaks or an occasional persimmon grove. Black jack covered hill tops or scattered cedar thickets, just about everything a deer hunter dreams of. Bottle necks bring the Whitetail deer in for bow shots from 15 to 30 yards. Or more open shooting opportunities from 50 to 250 yards for the gun hunter.

To ensure our guests a quality hunting experience, we spend all year scouting the thousands of acres we control in Elk County and Chautauqua County. By doing this, we stay on top of deer patterns and movements. Spring finds us shed hunting - looking for "White Gold" - the prized antlers of Whitetail bucks that have made it through another season. We install hundreds of acres of spring and fall food plots each year - all of which are strategically placed for bucks to feel comfortable during daylight hours, and to provide the deer with added nutrition throughout the year. Our Whitetail deer herds are managed to ensure a balance buck to doe ratio and we only harvest bucks in the 3 ½ year old to 6 ½ year old range to ensure they reach their true trophy class.

Whitetail deer hunting in Kansas. Trophy whitetail hunts with Blue Skies Hunting Adventures. Kansas whitetail deer hunts.

2015 Kansas Whitetail Deer
Hunting Schedule and Prices

Prices do not include hunting tags and license fees for the State of Kansas

Archery Hunting

6 Full Days of Hunting / 6 Hunters Max Per Camp


October 14th - 19th


October 21st -26th

$1900 / each


October 28th - November 2nd


November 4th - 9th


November 11th - 16th


November 18th - 23rd

$2400 / each

Late Season

December 9th - 14th


December 16th - 21st

$1900 / each

Muzzleloader Hunting

6 Full Days of Hunting / 6 Hunters Max Per Camp

September 16th - 21st


September 22nd - 27th

$2800 / each

Rifle Hunting

6 Full Days of Hunting / 6 Hunters Max Per Camp

November 27th - December 2nd


December 3rd - 8th

$3000 / each

Youth Hunting Season

Deer hunting in Kansas.Blue Skies Hunting Adventures Kansas whitetail hunts.4 Full Days of Hunting /16 years and younger/
Rifle, Muzzleloader or Archery

September 7th - 10th


September 12th - 15th

$1500 / each

Kansas Deer Tag and License Information

You may purchase your hunting license from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website. Permits are issue by a draw system. Applications are available online from April 1, 2013 thru April 26, 2013. If you were born after July 1st, 1957, you must have a valid hunter’s safety card, which must be in your possession while hunting.

Kansas trophy deer hunts.Kansas Deer Hunting Fees - Adult

Either sex carcass tag - $322.50

Non-resident hunting license - $72.50

Kansas Deer Hunting Fees - Youth (16 years and younger

Either sex carcass tag - $322.50

Non-resident hunting license - $37.50

All hunts require 50% deposit to reserve spot. Deposits are non refundable, balance due on arrival. We accept money order, certified checks or if you prefer credit card we will require a 3% service charge. All prices quoted in US Dollars and subject to change.

For more information regarding these or any of our hunts, please feel free to contact us at